How to Effectively Use the Deliverance From Debt Forums site

In order for you to get the most out of this site, you will need to understand how this forum setup works.

First of all, participation is only limited by the fact that you need a WordPress username to post or leave comments. To get a free username, go to this page:
Then log in and come back to the site by clicking the back arrow. The software will recognize your WordPress name and allow you to post or comment on the forums.

Second, before you decide to make a post, please use the built-in search engine to make sure your question (or a very similar one) has not been addressed. If you don’t find anything, or you think that what is there may be insufficient to answer your question, please post your material.

To post your material, click on the home link on the right side of every page and return to the main posting page. Decide which type of post you want to make (probably a blog post, not a status update, quote, or link). After you choose your type of post, the formatting options will update and you can enter your question.

Commenting works just like any other blog. When you are logged in under your WordPress name, click on the Reply or Comment links and add your input.

If you have trouble with any of these instructions, please leave a comment below, or comment on the Tech Support page.

For those of you who prefer to learn by watching a video, here is a step-by-step review of the process.